Wholesale Fresh Baked Pretzels.

PretzelsSchripps provides many types of pretzels perfect for whatever event or restaurant you have.

A pretzel, from German pronunciation, standard German: Breze is a type of baked bread made from dough that is commonly shaped into a knot. The traditional pretzel shape is a distinctive symmetrical form, with the ends of a long strip of dough intertwined and then twisted back onto itself in a particular way.”

Schripps European Bread is a bakery routed in Bavarian ro0ts- the same ro0ts as real Pretzels.

Our Pretzels come in a variety of sizes, from small individual twists, to oversized stadium Giants sold in some of the most exciting Sports Arenas in the United States.  Schripps has custom designed specialty items for some of the major sports teams and tourist attractions in NY & NJ.

Whether it’s Knots, Breads, Nuggets, Custom Designed signature items, or the Pretzel Bagel; Schripps is your one stop shop for all your twisted dough needs.

Like them with Salt, or, perhaps, salt on the side. Fresh or frozen.   With, or without, a little spicy mustard?  Regardless of your needs Schripps European bread is here to assist you.

Contact us here for more details on types, quantities and how we can help you make your dining vision come true.

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